February 11, 2009

mainpictureThere was a lot of anticipation floating around. We’d been told so much about it, and the day was finally here. The Bean & I were off to satisfy our highbrow tendencies, re-live our dramatic days, don the disguises of uber cultured souls… we were off to see “The Complete works of William Shakespeare (abridged)” download laptop netflix! 37 plays in one, Hamlet in all of 43 seconds, forwards, and then backwards… We were going to need something to balance it all… and that is where Burgerlicious came into play.

The Bean didn’t feel like eating Japanese. Or Asian. Or Italian. Or any other thing I’d thought of, until I said “Whattabout a burger?” And thence began our mission download gameboy games. Burgerlicious is only two blocks from my office, but, somehow, I got the names of the streets mixed up and we ended up tandering up and down Bathurst St (instead of Liverpool – doh!) wondering whether I’d dreamt it all up and gotten confused with the Oportos there.

“We’ll try the next block” said Bean “and if it’s not there, we’ll eat elsewhere” grundschrift word kostenlos. I was reluctant, but gave in. And right she was (points for Bean!)

There are Burgerliciouses (is that a word?) in Newtown & Darlinghurst too. The city branch isn’t too different. Set up like your average burger takeaway store, you can order a burger, a burger as a wrap, a burger as a salad, and a variety of sauces and sides to go with your burger verschnörkelte schrift kostenlos downloaden.

burgerlicious meal deal

Best of all is the burgerlicious meal deal, where you get a drink & a side of chips, or salad OR half&half with your burger for not too much more.

inside the chicken gringa burger

The Bean got the Chicken Gringa Meal (burger pictured above)with salad facebook profile picture. At $11.50, her burger included a grilled chicken breast fillet, tasty cheese, roasted capsicum, tomato, avocado, baby rocket, mayonnaise & mexi-salsa. You can get the burger by itself for $8.00.

The burger itself was quite nice (said the Bean), but not quite worth paying $8.00 for, considering what one can purchase takeaway at Hurricane’s for a lesser amount lifesize app download. The salad (which I tried) was very balsamic vinegary. So balsamic vinegary that we couldn’t eat much of it. Which is a pity, because the lettuce was interesting, the tomatoes were fresh, and teh cucumber was crunchy. Just… sour.

MOAB burger meal with fries

I got the MOAB burger meal with chips overlays herunterladen. My burger had beef, grilled onions, tasty cheese, bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato, pineapple, beetroot relish, pickles, tomato ketchup & extra american mustard for $12.50. The burger by itself was $9.00. I loooved this. It was a little impractical (how do you eat a burger that’s bigger than your mouth?!) and a little difficult otherwise (because the beetroot relish – which is essentially mashed tinned beets – soaked through the bottom layer of bread at the end and left me sith soggy pinkness to hold my meal together with) esim telekom herunterladen. But yummy!

inside the MOAB burger

The chips were good too. And there are extra salt & chicken salt shakers positioned next to the counter for those who like it extra salty.

I was taking pictures (as one does) and one of the counter girls turned around in shock navigon europe karten download kostenlos. “Is there a speed camera here? I’m seeing flashes!” she said. The other counter girl started looking around too “Nuh” she said “why would they put a speed camera in a shop?” The burger boy in the kitchen, having peered out through the pass, pointed out that I was taking pictures, and the girls looked so relieved. Bean & I tried not to laugh. We were mostly successful


So we walked to the Opera House, laughed til we were almost sick, and crowed about the dinosaur (yes how much can I from netflix! a dinosaur in Shakespeare!) til we fell asleep from exhaustion.


Burgerlicious Sydney
130 Liverpool Street
Sydney NSW 2000
ph 9264 4446

(also at Bondi, Newtown & Darlighurst)

  • #1
    Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella
    February 11th, 2009

    LOL at speed camera in a shop! That’s priceless 😆 That MOAB looks enormous-I love a good burger!

  • #2
    February 11th, 2009

    Lorraine: it was SO BIG! and it had a fried egg in it. i love fried eggs 🙂

  • #3
    February 12th, 2009

    yeah i agree

  • #4
    February 15th, 2009

    HAHAHAHHAHA crazy speeding kids in burger shops. Hmm I have lost faith in the city store after my last experience 🙁 I will still go to the Newtown one but leaning towards Burger Fuel now when I go Newtown