lord roberts

February 12, 2009

prawn salad at the lord robertsThere will be more recipes up here soon, but today is a Friday. And around work, when all is quiet and the markets aren’t, well, marketing, Friday is lunch day. Different lunch options have been thrown around, helter-skelter since the St Mary’s Cathedral Markets got postponed powerpoint download 1 maand for free. Yum-cha is out. As is anything involving copious (and mandatory) amounts of meat. Some need to be back by a certain time and others won’t walk in the heat. Not. Easy. So the Lord Roberts was chosen. And I got sunburnt. Over lunch. On my left side only. But that’s a different story…

“We have a table for 10 booked” I said formula 1 games. The brusque waiter (for he can only be described as such, though the others were lovely) gestured towards the door. “Outside” he said, before stalking off, as only a waiter-who-is-really-an-actor/model can do. We didn’t mind so much then, having completed a brisk walk through the park, then down, down, down the hill past the school and into the Lord Roberts, then up, up, up the stairs to where we were now express vpn download for free. (We did mind later when he went all passive aggressive on us).

The rooftop courtyard at the Lord Roberts is a beautiful thing on a bright, sunny day. Trees, umbrellas, silver topped cafe style tables. We found our spot and took it in turns to queue up at the bar to order, collect our number and retreat to the relative shade download the spelling program for free german. (I say relative because half way through the meal, I found my left side had been roasted. Owwww!)

chicken parmigiana at lord roberts
fresh chicken parmigiana & chips w mozzarella & napoli $17

Nic ordered the chicken parmigiana. It was impressively sized (she only got through half of it) and topped with a rich red sauce and a solid layer of cheesy goodness. It is also on special on Thursdays, where, at $10, it’s a steal wellness musik kostenlos downloaden!

lamb burger at lord roberts
lamb burger & chips w hummus & roquette $15

The boys got lamb burgers. They came with hommus on them. And, apparently a “special sauce” that “really made the burger”. Theese were eagerly wolfed down, chips and all online herunterladen youtube. The blackboard noted that these and all the other burgers were on special at $10 on Tuesdays. There weren’t any specials listed for Fridays – probably because it’s so popular. We saw a couple of tables come and go in the time we were there… not because we were taking our time, or anything…

nachos at Lord Roberts
mexican corn nachos w chilli beans, guacamole & sour cream $12

The girls had been to the Lord Roberts for a farewell lunch only two days prior, and had heard gushings about the nachos, so promptly ordered a serve each microsoft powerpoint 2016 for free in full german. “Ok.” was the general consensus, and they remained unfinished. Perhaps because of the size of the serving and the heat, perhaps because they were “ok”.

Zo’ ordered the Fresh Tiger Prawn Salad with Avocado & Tomato $16 (pictured top) and was quite happy with it. I believe I saw chunks (chunks!) of avocado alle fotos aus der icloud downloaden.

fish and chips Lord Roberts
beer battered fish & chips w tartae sauce & lemon $8

I, ever the adventurous traveller, got fish & chips. And for $8, ($6 on Mondays & Saturdays) I was so SO happy with my choice. You see, the sauce / cutlery bench inside also stocks a variety of salts and peppers herunterladen. So my fish & chips were happily adorned with pink sea salt flakes, crushed black peppercorns & crushed dried chilli flakes. Happy days indeed! I did start to feel a little greasy in the stomach towards the end of the meal though. And perhaps it was because I’d eaten more than I should have, and perhaps it was because it was so hot, and perhaps it was because snarky waiter (who was previously merely brusque waiter) had grumbled at us for shifting our tables so we weren’t in direct sunlight “and what am I supposed to do here?” he said, pointing at a not-quite-gap between our tables and the next, then, later “you’ll have to pass this down, it’s too hard” when serving us our meals, with a flick of his overgrown fringe herunterladen. It wasn’t too hard. Or wouldn’t have been if he’d stepped twice to his left. But anyway. (*huff!*)

The rest of the waitstaff were lovely. Cheerful even. And when we departed to go down, down, down the stairs then up, up, UP the hill past the school and through the park, we were sad that lunch was over. So sad, in fact, that I had to buy & eat a Monaco Bar later that afternoon just to cheer me up.

Lord Roberts Hotel

Lord Roberts Hotel
Cnr Riley & Stanley Street
East Sydney NSW 2010
ph 02 9331 1326

note: to get to the restaurant, head up the stairs til you get to the very very top.

  • #1
    February 12th, 2009

    i like monaco bars… and maxibons… actually any cookie icecream sandwichs mmm

  • #2
    Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella
    February 12th, 2009

    Wow, those plates are enormous. You have really good luck with portion sizes it seems (or is it through research)! I wonder what the special sauce was?

  • #3
    February 12th, 2009

    chocolatesuze: mmm yes – except i don’t like the chocolate covered half of the maxibons. the chocolate always tastes like freezer to me.

    Lorraine: part luck & part only getting recommendations from people who have very large stomachs (good for eating out, bad for eating in!)

    I tried to elicit a description of the special sauce earlier this week. all i got was "y'know… special!" *sigh*

  • #4
    February 13th, 2009

    hey ! i think i did see you that day around borders. cool blog !

  • #5
    February 15th, 2009

    lol at special sauce description! I get that sometimes “how is it?” “oh delicious and… good.. very good” *smacks forehead*

    I prefer the maxibons than monacos cos there is a good balance between the chocolate and the cookie halves mmmmm

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    lili - pikelet and pie
    February 16th, 2009

    I work near the Lord Roberts and sometimes go there for Friday lunches (though I prefer midweek, less busy and such great specials!), too. Don’t complain too much about the tables, or next you will be banished to the dungeon! (aka the dingy,damp, windowless room downstairs) It has happened to us many times. They have some great specials there too, sometimes.