cherry & vanilla marshmallows

July 17, 2009

“Not again with the making-things-that-can-be-found-in-supermarkets?!” I can hear the cries right now. And oh, I know. You can pick up your pasta fresh from the deli section whatsapp voor computer download. You can buy your ricotta fresh there as well. But there is something just so satisfying about making your own. Truly. So satisfying even, that it is worth overcoming one’s fear of hot sugary liquid burns and gelatin that never sets. Two of my biggest fears in one lovely, oh-so-simple recipe tote hosen musik herunterladen. You might not want to get your blood sugar level checked after this one is all…

cherry & vanilla marshmallows

You’re going to need:

  • about 5 packets gelatin (30grams)
  • 3/4 cup liquid from tinned cherries
  • 510g white sugar
  • 1&1/4C water (312ml)
  • 2tbs glucose syrup
  • 1tsp vanilla paste
  • cornflour & icing sugar to dust (in a 1:3 ratio)
bloomin' gelatin <a class=alarmstufe rot 2 herunterladen! (and sugar syrup in the background)" width="267" height="400" srcset="https://onebitemore.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/cherryvanillamallow04.jpg 267w, https://onebitemore.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/cherryvanillamallow04-200x300.jpg 200w" sizes="(max-width: 267px) 100vw, 267px" />
bloomin’ gelatin download ccleaner safely! (and sugar syrup in the background)

Step One:
Add the cherry liquid to the gelatine and combine with a whisk. It will thicken up quite quickly herunterladen auf kindle. Leave it next to a pot on the stove.Step Two:
Stick your sugar and water in said pot. Add glucose syrup and vanilla paste. Bring to the boil, stirring to dissolve all the sugar Sky go record.Step Three:
Once it’s boiled, stick the lid on the pot and leave it on the pot for about 2 minutes. Using a thermometer, wait til the temperature has hit about 240F battlelands kostenlos herunterladen. This is just past the soft ball stage.

Step Four:
Kill the heat and carefully stir in the gelatin mixture until it is lovely and combined and all of a uniform consistency download cartoons.

whip it.. <a class=

windows 10 assistent herunterladen. whip it good!" width="400" height="267" srcset="https://onebitemore.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/cherryvanillamallow01.jpg 400w, https://onebitemore.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/cherryvanillamallow01-300x200.jpg 300w" sizes="(max-width: 400px) 100vw, 400px" /> whip it… whip it good!

Step Five:
Tip the gelatin & sugar mixture into the bowl of a stand mixture and beat on high for 12 or so minutes, or until it gets lovely and thick like, well, marshmallow the three question signs download for free legal. It might be an idea to stick a towel or splashguard over the machine for the first few minutes so your kitchen doesn’t turn into a sticky mess.Step Six:
Grease a tin thoroughly, and I mean thoroughly. I used a 30cm square tin. Tip the mixture in and ease it towards the corners. Leave it to sit in the open for at least four hours, or, for better results, overnight.

slice & dice

slice & dice

Step Seven:
Ease the set marshmallow out of the tin and onto a well greased chopping board (I used vege oil to do my greasing). Slice into squares with a well greased knife. Everything needs to be greased. Everything.

be a tosser - do it thoroughly now

be a tosser – do it thoroughly now

Step Eight:
Toss the cut squares in a 3:1 mixture of icing sugar and cornflour. And you’re done!!


[psst! onebitemore is flyin’ about Asia at the moment, so please bear with me if I don’t get around to replying to your comments straight away. much love!]

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    July 17th, 2009

    Hehe I was just thinking of making marshmallows the other day! Cherry isn’t a flavour I’ve seen in marshmallows yet and now I don’t understand why, it looks so good! I agree, it’s so worth doing this rather than buying them from the supermarket.

  • #2
    July 17th, 2009

    yum yum – these look gorgeous!

  • #3
    July 17th, 2009

    OOh yuuummm ^^! But shouldn’t you be enjoying all the Malaysian food right now instead of blogging :P?

  • #4
    July 18th, 2009

    @Steph: They’re suprisingly easy to make. I actually started off with a lime + coconut duop but the photos for the cherry + vanilla looked prettier. Do give it a go. They taste amazingly better than the sugary sweet supermarket variety.

    @Helen: 😀 I made these for a work bakesale. Not quite baking but happily accepted nonetheless.

    @FFichiban: I did all the blogging beforehand (mad rush I tells you! Mistakes all over the place!) And I have only been in M’sia a day. Been in China soaking up the sunshine this last week 🙂