September 11, 2009

I have been suffering withdrawals. Malaysian food withdrawals to be exact. And, in my persistent stubbornness, I’ve refused to try to sate them. “It won’t be the saaaame!” I moan. “I don’t want tooooo!” I protest. So I am suitably sien (which is hokkein for a cross between tired and non-plussed) when (having neglected to make a booking for my mother’s birthday myself) my dad calls me up to say “We’ve booked at Kuali for tonight herunterladen. See you then.”

It has been years since I last ate at Kuali. Back then, it was a newish venture. The papers raved about the crab (oh! the CRAB!) and bestowed awards on it in order to fully express just how much they loved the place.

I have been here, on occasion, not to eat, but to collect boxes of salmon heads for my mother from “Aunty Viv” and to say a quick hello to a visiting uncle, or a celebrating family friend download several videos from youtube at the same time. Because celebrations around here (and by here, I mean “of my parent’s friends”)? They’re held at Kuali.

satay sticks with peanut sauce

kajang satay $11 for 5 sticks

But here we are, and oh-so-determined to try the best in the house. And tell you what, the best thing in the house is the satay. Better even, than the poor excuses for satay sticks we had in Malaysia.

I’ll be honest, we were hesitant about ordering them download sims 2 online. But oh how wrong we were. They are smoky. They are tender. They are amazingly flavoursome. Head Chef John Poh tells us that the recipe comes from his hometown and that it’s made better by the quality of the ingredients we have here in Australia.

I’m silenced.

(And, just as an aside, keep reading for a chance to try the satay for yourself!)

crab otakotak

crab otak otak

Whilst the traditional mackerel version of spicy, fragrant otak otak can be found on the menu at $6 for a serve of two, the crab is a special srf sendungen downloaden. “You have to ask for it” says John “sometimes I have it, sometimes I don’t. My regulars sometimes call to see if it is available before booking”. I can see why.

Slivers of firm crab meat are visible in amongst the fish mousse. It is firm without being rubbery, subtle without being bland. And the spice grand theft auto 3 kostenlos downloaden! Whoosh!

kuali signature crab (market price)

kuali signature crab (market price)

We are surprised with a plate of Kuali’s signature crab. “We didn’t order this!” we exclaimed “We were planning on having a simple meal!”

“You can’t come and take pictures of Kuali without taking my crab” replied he deutscher film herunterladen.

And so we accepted it with great thanks and dug in.

the bean and her sticky fingers

the bean and her sticky fingers

And by dug in, I  mean dug in.

I am often disappointed with crab at restaurants. But here! The flesh is plump and not at all watery. And that more-ish, earthy, spicy curry sauce outlook 2010 mails! I could eat that sauce on its own. Give me a piece of white bread and this sauce and I’ll sit in a corner on my haunches and not a peep will emerge from me til I’m all done.

hot and sour mackerel with vegetables

hot and sour mackerel with vegetables

We ordered a serve of chicken rice ($3.30) and a serve of cocnut rice ($3.30) to go with the remainder of our dishes alte version von operaen. The fish special for the day (not to be confused with the steamed fish of the day) was a hot and sour mackerel with vegetables. The fish was lovely and firm with only a slight murmur of that fishy taste usually associated with mackerel. The sauce was rich and warming and the melee of beans, tomato, eggplant and cabbage cut through the richness with a fresh crunch.

Well, not so much the tomato and the eggplant, but you catch my drift yes samsung galaxy bilder herunterladen?

ayam percik $17.50

ayam percik $17.50

Ever wary of the Bean’s chilli aversion, (said chilli aversion didn’t stop her from eating the crab though, did it?) we ordered a final dish of ayam percik. The grilled chicken with fresh spices and just a hint of chilli sat beautifully against the richness of the mackerel, and was a nice change from the usual Hainan Chicken black ops 2.

john poh and the dessert platter

head chef john poh and the dessert platter $28.00

Bones cleared, fingers cleaned, a couple of unnecessarily loud “POP”s from opening the hand towels, and we were done. Well, the family was done.

I was thinking of dessert.

“I want the durian one.” I said. “Or maybe the baked cassava.”

John sensed my indecision and solved it with the suggestion of a dessert platter. Brilliant!

The sago was congealed without being gluggy – a winsome flavour combination of sweet, musty palm sugar syrup (gula melaka) and slightly salty coconut cream.

The kueh ketayap was a texturally intriguing combination of soft pandan pancake against a rough, grainy sugar and coconut filling.

But my favourites – and oh I could not separate the two! – were the warm cassava cake with its slightly chewy warmth and slight sweetness, and the durian on durian icecream melee. My. Oh. My!

We were sated. More than that. We were happy – and my whinging “It’s not the sameee” self had been well and truly taught a lesson. Because sometimes, it isn’t the same, but that makes it all the better.

1st Floor, Lane Cove Arcade
115 Longueville Road
Lane Cove NSW 2066
ph (02) 94186878

Open Tuesday – Sunday for dinner (5:30pm – 10pm)

kuali free satay voucher

And oh! I almost forgot! From now until the end of November, you can try the satay for yourself… for FREE! Just print off the voucher (click on the picture to get it by itself on a page) and present it at Kuali when ordering your meal to score a serve of satay for the people on your table. (And, if you want, let me know how you liked it!)

[note: onebitemore & family paid for mostly all of their meal at kuali. a small number of dishes, such as the crab and the rice, were provided free of charge on this occasion.]

  • #1
    September 11th, 2009

    oh the otak otak looks fabulous and oh the crab! Tasty indeed! Love that they’ve extended an offer for a complimentary serve of satay too. You do look after your readers!

  • #2
    September 11th, 2009

    How fantastic! I love the sound of the dessert platter, I can’t believe I still haven’t had the chance to try kuali yet. Very curious about this satay now, definitely planning to use that voucher soon, thanks shez!

  • #3
    September 11th, 2009

    I can certainly vouch for the satay being good at Kuali! The crab also looks delicious… I wanted to order it when I went but it was a bit expensive – you’re so lucky you got it for free!!

  • #4
    September 11th, 2009

    free satay! yay! I wanted to go to Kuali for so many freakin times but just never ever get the chance to dine in Lane Cove! Malaysian sure do know how to look after each other! 🙂 That’s the spirit!

  • #5
    September 11th, 2009

    Wow! the crab looks loike it worth all the effort. the satay is the best in sydney.If you do not know what to order get them to suggest. CP

  • #6
    September 11th, 2009

    Woo hoo! Satay here I come.
    Thanks Shez! (You’re right, I’m going to do a typo one day and folks will think we’re talking to ourselves ;P)

  • #7
    September 12th, 2009

    oh yum. i gotta try their satay and crab now! yeah for free satay! 🙂

  • #8
    September 13th, 2009

    -__- I keep thinking of Kweli whenever I see Kuali haha. But oohhh I want satay!! Haven’t had in agggessss

  • #9
    September 13th, 2009

    Ohhhh satays, and the yummy looking crab!!
    and thanks for mentioning the voucher 🙂

  • #10
    September 14th, 2009

    I too have been ‘sien’, after too many disappointing experiences with Malaysian food here. But still I go, on a neverending quest, from Miranda to Thornleigh, because when you get the craving, you just have to. And also because, as you’ve so nicely put it, sometimes it IS better here. I really enjoy your blog, keep it up!