the carrington (beba y cene)

February 22, 2012

The painted sign on the wall outside Bebe Y Cene says it all.

“Pintxos / Pubfood / Postres”

(Tapas / Pubfood / Desserts)

We muddle across the street, weaving our way past the cyclists as we nod at the patrons sitting in the pub out front, before standing under a neon yellow sign.

“Well are you going to go in, or are we just going to stand outside all day?” asks Lex, amused at my amusement Download dvd cover for free.

We pick a table and settle into the plush leather banquette that lines the back wall of the restaurant. It’s 6:30 (or thereabouts) on a Thursday night and we are the only ones here – save a couple seated two tables down, their food arriving in waves herunterladen.

I’m immediately taken by my surroundings. Mosaic-like tilework along one of the walls. Lights along another, set out like little balconettes on a stark black background. There are blackboards proclaiming specials and drinks in large capitalised white letters (“CALIMOCHO – PORT IN COKE” one reads, and I giggle at the prospect of caffeine, concentrated sugar and alcohol in one hit.)

There is a moose head sitting about our heads and a whale sitting above the bar

“Look at the shark!” I say in my slightly wobbly way youtube video als mp3 downloaden mac.

“You mean the whale right?”

“No. The shark!”

“It doesn’t have a fin”

“Oh. Yes. I mean whale.”

And with that we realise that, after sitting and speaking in mangled tones for little over 15 minutes, we hadn’t ordered anything yet datei herunterladen und installieren.

The menu sits before us as a double sided-A4 glossy sheet. Dishes on one side, a glossary definitions on the other, eliminating the need for a quick google to decipher what you’re about to eat.

The specials sit on a blackboard near the bar and we are immediately drawn by its contents.

The Single Mother $20 per jug

But first, a drink pixel gun 3d skins herunterladen!

The Single Mother is one of four Sangria Jugs available at the Carrington. A heady mixture of red wine, southern comfort, ginger beer and nutmeg – a slice of orange sits atop the jug and is dusted liberally with the spice.

It is sweet, rather than dry, the ginger somewhat undetectable in amongst the flavour of whiskey and spice, and it is downed easily. By my recollection we got about six glasses out of the jug (with a further glass or so having been spilt in an attempt at pouring), making it tasty and easy on the pocket herunterladen. Hurrah!

special: nose to tail sliders $6 each

The nose to tail sliders (from the specials board) arrive first. A melee of all things porcine and one of my favourite dishes of the evening.

There is pulled pork marmalade, a slice of something-pig, cress and aioli on a hefty, fist sized bun firefox deutsch downloaden. It is eaten in silence.

“We should get an extra. They’re pretty good.” says Lex.

“They’re also pretty gone.” I notice sadly, as the offering is wiped from the specials board.

grilled paella onigiri $4.50 each

No matter for we have paella to contend with Download tiptoi junior globus.

I think.

The black squid ink infused rice is speckled with bits of chorizo and topped with a tangle of deep fried calamari.

It’s a struggle to eat (the toothpick does nothing in the holding-it-all-together stakes), but well worth the effort. The crisp outer grains of rice are nutty, the centres toothsome and the calamari perfectly tender.

special: yorkshire pudding with liver, chorizo, wine soaked grapes & green beans $12

Not a liver lover bilder vom ipod herunterladen? Well look away.

You might not be able to see it in there, under the slices of charred chorize, glossy green beans and wine soaked grapes (those grapes! I die!) but this here yorkshire pudding is filled to the brim with slices of beautifully cooked liver.

There is none of the grit and dustiness that comes with overcooked offal in this dish, oh no, and we savour ever last puffy, meat jus soaked mouthful Download paint app.

morcilla stuffed squid $18

“The squid is really great.” says Lex “It’s filled with lamb.”

“Are you sure? I thought it was filled with morcilla?” say I, squinting at our next-door-neighbour’s menu.

“Morcilla is lamb.”

“No. Morcilla is blood sausage.”

“Well that would explain the flavour.”

By flavour, he means earthy. And sweet. And slightly metallic. And peppery. And rich tomato-ey.

It’s a fitting end to our savory courses, and one that I’ll certainly return for.

churros $10 // chocolate torta $14

The desserts don’t fare quite as well.

Six (possibly seven) leaden churros served alongside a thin chocolate sauce. We stop at half each, unwilling to continue with the crisp-yet-doughy concoctions.

The chocolate torta, sold as a chocolate lava cake – but cold, is better.

A smear of rich chocolate ganache is paired with a dark chocolate marquis and a scoop of raspberry ice-cream. Crystallised citrus powder is dusted over the lot of it – my favourite component of this dessert that the two of us can’t finish between us for its richness.

No matter, for I am dreaming of whales, I mean sharks… no whales, overlooking me as I swim in a sea of stuffed squid.

the Carrington – Beba Y Cene
563 Bourke Street
Surry Hills NSW
phone: 02 9360 4714
Open 12pm-10pm daily

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  • #1
    February 23rd, 2012

    Dear Shez,

    The nose to tail sliders are an interesting concept though it’s sometimes difficult to find a good dish among so many restaurants and cafes in Surry Hills.

  • #2
    February 23rd, 2012

    The food looks amazing here. Check out those sliders – they look great!

  • #3
    February 23rd, 2012

    Love your photos here Shez. Those sliders look so interesting and not to mention tasty! 🙂

  • #4
    February 23rd, 2012

    feel like beer, sliders and cured meat now…….

  • #5
    February 23rd, 2012

    The nose and tail sliders look awesome. I must admit I never thought I would see the words paella onigiri together to describe a dish, just seems so so wrong. They look interesting, just a shame they were a little difficult to eat.

  • #6
    February 25th, 2012

    Hi love thx for coming glad you enjoyed the slightly mad Carrington!! glad you enjoyed your Yorkshire pudd, that is where I’m from so take the Yorkshire very seriously (well not that seriously!) the nose to tail slider was a bit abstract sorry. What you actually ate was grilled ox-tongue that had been cooked in beer and a Seville orange and oxtail marmalade, both were tests for my new menu in 2 weeks so I’m glad you liked my creations… Catch you next time jamie

  • #7
    February 26th, 2012

    Look, it’s a shark! No, it’s a whale! No, it’s… Whatever, the food will gorgeous food is enough distraction.

  • #8
    February 27th, 2012

    Sliders taken off the board…Noooo! LOL Well, at least you had a taste. Love the sounds of The Single Mother.

  • #9
    February 27th, 2012

    Haha… Don’t you just love it when you’re just walking around, stumble upon an interesting restaurant, give it a try and later rejoice in the delight of your unexpected yet amazing new discovery! Everything sounds amazing. I like how you included the dialogues you guys had that night haha… It’s so cute. Definitely keeping this place in mind next time I’m up in Sydney, I just love morcilla anything lol