five questions with the leap touch guys

September 6, 2013

Meet the Leap Touch Boys.


Murray Hurps and Ronald Suwandi aren’t cooks. They aren’t growers or distributors or producers. In fact, the last time I stayed at Murray’s place, he didn’t even have a decent potato peeler Download fish feed and grow for free. (Sorry to out you buddy.)

So even though they’re not exactly part of the Australian Food Industry, I figured they’re Australian and they sure are industrious so I thought I’d make an exception – just this once – for something that I think is going to make our ability to read and eat and cook from blogs like this one a whole heap easier.

As an avid blog reader and cook, I often find myself in the kitchen with my laptop using my elbow to scroll down the page to read a recipe as I try to cook videos herunterladen youtube kostenlos. Sometimes it works. Sometimes I end up with flour in between the keys and a pot boiling over on the stove. (And sometimes, when I’m reading blogs over a noodle soup lunch, said keyboard becomes the victim of some seriously sticky splash marks.) So I found the boys’ project exciting.

A system that lets you swipe and scroll, click and expand all while you’re eating a sandwich. Or a slice of pizza. Or a bowl of noodle soup dropbox paper bilder herunterladen.

It’s the product of one weekend of intensive brainstorming and two weeks of even more intensive super-nerd coding. Oh, and (if the video is to be believed) sandwich eating whilst product testing.

I had a chat with Murray about Leap Touch this week, and asked him five questions about the program (which is free to download) and eating about Pyrmont, where their shared ideas space (Fishburners) is located herunterladen.


And here’s what we asked him…


1. I hear that the two of you spent two weeks straight coding and testing Leap Touch. What are your recommendations for food around Fishburners in Pyrmont? (I’m assuming you are something during that time, yes?)

Sugar and fat content was much higher than anyone would usually enjoy, but there’s something about concentrating for a long time that makes you forget about eating, and then be ravenous when you remember you have a stomach. We’re a big fan of Lego House on Harris st in Ultimo, it’s random but most of the dishes are great, and of course also Hannah’s Pies iphone update. Her chilli dogs are delicious and mildly dangerous.

2. Tell us a bit about Fishburners, and, by the by, your favourite way to eat fish.

Fishburners is named after the Fishburn supply ship for the first fleet, which is meant to represent how it helps support the booming Australian startup community. It’s a non-profit, and provides office space and community support for 180 people, working on 120 different companies. It’s an amazing thing having so many like-minded people working together whatsapp voor computer download. You can point across the room at someone who can solve a problem someone is having, and know that everyone understands your problems. It really does create something for nothing.

My favorite way to eat fish is definitely sashimi. It’s like applying the lean startup methodology to cooking, it’s the minimum viable produce tote hosen musik herunterladen.

3. If a person using Leap Touch, was say, making a recipe from onebitemore, would they need to use or install a special thingy or version of the site to get it going (and avoid covering their keyboard with olive oil)?

All they need to do is connect the Leap Motion device, install the driver, then install our extension, then they’re ready to go all Minority Report on their recipes. The only time they’d need to touch things is if they wanted to type, in which case we propose making use of any nearby glad wrap to cover their keyboard alarmstufe rot 2 herunterladen.

4. What’s the most interesting use of Leap Touch you’ve seen to date? And what do you hope it’s usage might look like in the future?

We’ve aimed our marketing and branding heavily at sandwich eaters, but we’re pleased to see some early adopters finding novel food types to enjoy download ccleaner safely. Pizza seems pretty popular, and we’re delighted to say it works just as well. We’re excited to see what people end up enjoying now that their hands are free!

5. So… what’s was in the sandwich?

It’s been a blur of sandwiches over here in the last few days, but I believe it was a BLT herunterladen auf kindle. It was delicious. It made the entire endeavor worthwhile.


If you’d like to find out more about Leap Touch (and the Leap Motion device), you can check out the website here, or follow the boys on twitter at @MurrayHurps and @SuwandiRonald.

(Coming up in the series, a heavy weight of Australian Home Cooking and a guy who went from mobile phones to sustainable meat supply!)

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    Sean Carey
    September 6th, 2013

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