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July 22, 2014


I’ve been struggling with my words recently, which is annoying because (like Mariana, sans scarring) I’ve got so much to tell you.

So rather than labour under the illusion of communication as I edit folder after folder of photographs, telling myself that the words will come, I’ve decided to just let it all out once a week or so in an alliteratively titled post download instagram for free.

Meet my life right now as told in phone photos.

(Also, meet my newest addiction – banana&nutella gelato from the boys at Gelataria Gondola. My word!)


I’ve been making an effort to get out on Saturday mornings to visit my local markets adblock plus herunterladen. A few weeks ago, I bought a bag of pecans grown about an hour north of Sydney – the first ones I’d even eaten straight out of their shells.

This week, I managed to snag two bunches of beautiful Australian native flowers (and the very last almond croissant from Brasserie Bread) when I swung by en route to my parents’ app herunterladen mac. Well worth the detour and far more entertaining than a supermarket trip.


Speaking of markets, I was sent this gigantic box of winter vegetables from Sydney Markets* recently. It was packed to the brim with carrots of all shapes and sizes, Queensland strawberries, cavalo nero, citrus and a very lumpy celeriac and reminded me that even though the weather is getting cooler, the ground is still producing some amazing things to eat silverlight-plugin kostenlos download.

I’m currently loving on broccoli and brussels sprouts. The dark green crunchy things get me every time.


The only problem with dark green crunchy things is what to do with them when your fridge is full disney plus download tv. We’ve been inundated with kale of late – a “three bunches for $5” deal at the local greengrocer’s will do that to you. Luckily we’ve also discovered a handy way to solve our storage problem.

First up, we tear all of the leaves off the hard kale stalks. Then we wash the leaves thoroughly in a sink of water. After scooping the leaves out and giving them a quick dry, chop them up and stuff them into zip lock bags, squeezing as much air out as you can before sealing them herunterladen. Stuff the bags in the freezer and you’ll have kale on demand. They defrost beautifully and crisp up in a pan, sautee for salads and simmer for soups without any hint that they’ve been frozen at all.

Turns out, we aren’t the only ones who love the green frills – the worldwide demand has led to a seed shortage ets2 kostenlosen vollversion! Oops!


Speaking of fresh, local produce (again), I was invited* to lunch at Aria to celebrate the Delicious Magazine Produce Awards a few weeks back. The lunch featured some of the finalists’ produce and we were lucky enough to sit down with the owners and growers at Darling Mills Farm, whose watercress appeared on the menu Download music youtube for free. They were so passionate about their produce and so humbled by their selection as finalists – it really reminded me of how much hard work goes into growing the huge variety of excellent food we have in Australia, and that we shouldn’t take its supply for granted.

I’ve spotted the winners’ announcement in the most recent issue of Delicious Magazine and will be picking a copy up from my newsagents soon to try and track down some winners 🙂


While we’re on the topic of winners (yes, crown me Queen of Segues), you could win a $100 gift card from the Mushroom Growers of Australia* to spend on just about anything you like by simply photographing and tagging a mushroomy dish you’ve eaten in a cafe, restaurant or some other place outside your home excel download free computer image. I’ve been given one of these $100 vouchers* to try out for myself and will be popping into as many different spots as I can this weekend to snap some pics of alluring mushroom packed meals.

There are 30 gift cards to be won and the promotion runs until 31 July 2014, so you’ve still got a week (and, most importantly, this weekend) to get yourself in the running amazonen und behalten.

For more information, check out the Power of Mushrooms website.


When you do head out to get a meal (mushroomy or not) and, inevitably, photograph it for instagram / twitter / facebook, please take half a second to add the hashtag #mealforameal to your witty captioning. For every photo (stunning or not) posted with the hashtag, Virgin Mobile will donate sufficient money to Oz Harvest to allow them to provide a real life meal to someone who needs one. For more information you can check out the Oz Harvest website.

(This #mealforameal happened to be my very favourite spicy chicken salad in Sydney. Sea Bay on Pitt Street, for those who are curious. Or you can try my recipe for spicy chicken salad if you don’t live in the area).


Note: I rather dislike having to say this, but I haven’t been paid to promote any of the stuff mentioned in this post. If I have received some kind of favourable treatment by way of gift, invite or voucher, this will have been mentioned above, accepted in accordance with onebitemore’s editorial policy and asterisked as so* in order to let you know. Cheers, big ears. x

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    July 22nd, 2014

    you writing is above and beyond many, im sure it will return sooner or later! love your round up post!