parlour burger, sydney

October 12, 2014


Housebound and delirious photoshop aktionen herunterladen. Forty hours in sweatpants and fleece socks.

“Get out of bed, chicken nugget. We’re heading out.”

I didn’t want to head out, but the promise of a bacon & egg roll, messing around with an electric screwdriver (hi Fishburners!) and a lunch-dinner of burgers was enough to have me showered, dressed and as respectable as a loogey-lunged house slob could manage football manager 17 aktivierungsschlüssel herunterladen.

The city is buzzing with the energy of a school holiday Saturday. We walk through the wind in dying light towards the Rocks google chrome for vista for free. He in shorts and I in layers sufficient to render me a human dumpling.

A beer to aid weary head and hands and an apple cider for its purported vitamin content teamviewer 10 download kostenlos. Ha!

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We have ordered most of the menu and it arrives, all at once, after a reasonable wait – the time is liquid here and by that measurement, I’d say it took about half a beer (or a quarter of a slowly sipped cider) word for free 2016.

The offshoot of this, though, is that we’re left with six lukewarm pickles ($5.00 per plate)

Pickles that would have been a dream had they arrived piping hot and drained on a layer of kitchen paper adobe photoshop gratis downloaden nederlands.

Pickles that are coated in light as air batter, batter that goes from ethereal to insipid as it rapidly cools in a puddle of fat on the plate.


The onion rings (six in total for $5.00) suffer a similar fate download win 10 image. Sweet, crisp and light at the outset. A semi-circle of white grease visible on the plate as it cools.

The chips ($6.00 per cone) are crisp, well cooked with a fluffy interior and that recognisable duck fat flavour amazon prime hörspiele herunterladen. There are skins on some pieces and they hold their own as the light fades and the temperature drops.

But our favourite side by far (and we ordered all of the sides) was the cabbage slaw ($5.00 per serve) euro truck simulator 2 mods kostenlos herunterladen. FInely shaved with a veritable blanket of cheese grated on top. Tangy dressing. Crisp and bitey. The perfect foil to a fried feast.


There are six burgers on the menu at $10 each and we have chosen two to go with our selection of all-of-the-sides word excel und powerpoint kostenlos downloaden.

The Dirty Burger, complete with juicy pink pattie, bacon and cheesy beer sauce, comes on a silver tray, speared with a skewer. Whilst I can’t taste the beer in the sauce, I’m able to appreciate it’s presence – a sauceless burger always seems a little too dry for my liking.

The Black Widow, whilst a curiousity for the eyes with its dark exterior, is a familiar flavour for the tastebuds. The charcoal bun’s purported health benefits (as explained to me by my health food toting mother) aren’t marked by any particular flavour. Perhaps the jalapeno chillis and chipotle mayonnaise have masked it, perhaps it doesn’t have any.


But our time is fading and our drinks are done.

As the day slips into darkness, so too my spirits with lists of things to do and laundry to unload. So we muddle our way home to an evening on the sofa, guest lists and table arrangements hovering over our consciousness.

The simpler years sitting in our recreated memories,


parlour burger

225 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Open daily from 11:30am – late
DIne in or Take away. No bookings, just rock up.


Shez ate as a guest of Parlour Burger and the above review has been written in accordance with onebitemore’s editorial policy.

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    October 12th, 2014

    Shez, typo for ‘duck fat’. Beautifully written, as always!