tapeo, redfern

November 12, 2014




We’ve been busy, us newlywed bees, since returning from our whirlwind trip through Italy download intramed online. First and foremost on the list, finding ways to cope with the vague discomforts associated with coming home, settling back in and figuring out what life is supposed to look like now that we aren’t planning a wedding / reception / giant holiday how to music from an iphone.

Things that have helped so far include semi-regular laundry schedules (so we don’t run out of clothes), remembering to check the mail box (for surprises in amongst the bills), oh, and, you know, seeing people dorfleben. And going out to dinner. Especially going out to dinner. Double especially if said dinner includes friends.


It’s not often I find myself across the bridge and in within the vague vicinity of the city. But here we were amazon prime auf fernseher herunterladen.

Perched on the corner of Redfern and Chalmers Streets, glasses of cava for the girls, a beer for Jim and a bottle of tempranillo for Koji (he shared, eventually) ccleaner free chip. The air is fresh, the sun is setting and the locals are walking about shirts off, scavenging cigarette butts off the ash trays at the tables.

Well, one of them anyway foto's download klasbord.

There are stories. Grand hand gestures. Menu reading and folding and “Can you order for everyone? I’m tired of thinking” amazon musik herunterladen ordner. There were exclamations – “You caught the bus in? You never catch the bus in!” (I never catch the bus in). “We’re drinking tonight!”


And then there was the food whatsapp free for laptop.

Briny olives ($4.50) spiced with slices of red hot chilli. Bread with almost too much butter to spread on it. (This is a compliment. I far prefer too much butter to not enough) download n24 movies.

Pucks of corn frittery bites ($15) atop a too-addictive sauce and a tumble of leaves and tomatoes.

Crumbed croquettes ($8) filled with an oozy cheese centre, perched on a fetta flecked salad and with an aioli that we may have used on just about everything download netflix windows 7. We should have ordered two serves.



From the mains menu, rolled chicken breast ($22) filled with proscuitto and oyster mushrooms atop a bed of potato and spinach salad. Crisp and salty. Tender and juicy.

Oh, and a four-rib rack of lamb ($26) that had us sighing with happiness – not least of all because of the  crushed beans underneath and a jolly jalapeno salsa that (again) found its way onto the rest of our meal.

A last minute, pre-dessert survey of satiety led to a final, impulse order of barramundi balls ($14), more for their name than any particular desire to eat them. They were wolfed down, though by two hungry (and increasingly jolly) boys, who savoured the spicy Moroccan sauce, crisp skin and bouncy interior of the balls. (Though I wonder if their enjoyment was buoyed by the word balls?)


And here is where the night started to get a little fuzzy. I’ll blame the setting sun and my inability to discern shapes in dim lighting for that, though it may have been that final glass of cava.

We had three desserts at $12 each – a smashed chocolate brownie adorned with whipped cream and strawberries, a fine apple tart with slices of fruit layered delicately one on top of the other and topped with cinnamon ice cream; and a creme brulee that can with a slightly melted sorbet (the freezer was on the blitz!) and shards of house made honeycomb.

Spoons and fingers in. Satisfying cracks and slurps, crunches and chomps.

A final glass of cava. More beer. Some coffee.

A wander down the road to the spiciest popcorn ever made at the Angry Pirate and a happy bus ride home.




80-82 Redfern Street, Redfern NSW 2016
Open daily from 7am


This meal was independently paid for. Well, Jim & Liz and Koji paid for it too. Thanks dudes.