coffee lovers’ gift guide

December 3, 2014

coffee lovers

With just three weeks left before the grand unveiling of presents-we-haven’t-bought-yet, we’ve decided to put together a small series of gift guides to help you through the holiday madness ccleaner download for free german windows 10. (And by help you, we mean help ourselves because there is No Way we’ve even gotten close to finishing our shopping. Hello Empty Tree!)

First up, gifts big and small for the permanently caffeinated in your life bibel pdf kostenlos.

1. home style Cold brew

You’re probably going to have to hustle if you have any chance of getting this shipped to Australia in time, but your overheated coffee sippers will probably love you even if it arrives a little late firefox kostenlos deutsch windows 7. Skip the queues for cold brew (so fancy! so fresh!) at your local and make just enough for one with the Cold Bruer, a kickstarter campaign that came good windows 10 f├╝r anderen pc herunterladen.

cost: USD$75 + $35 shipping
purchase from:

2. Coffee cupping with a difference

Get your senses going in a dark room and see what you can taste at the Campos Coffee Cupping Experience My brand new little-sister-in-law (ex-barista and serious coffee snob) had a great time when she went earlier this year and if it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for me ps4 spiel vom freund downloaden.

cost: $30
purchase from: Campos Coffee Stores
restrictions: experience occurs in store NSW, QLD, VIC so make sure they can get there

3 alle ebooks kostenlos downloaden. a roasty, toasty shower

Coffee exfoliation bars are fantastic for eczema sufferers and smell absolutely divine. I picked up these bars from Campos at an event, but the internet (hello etsy!) has a wide range of soaps and scrubs for the coffee lover that doesn’t just want to drink the stuff, but smell like it too nationalhymne herunterladen!

cost: $8.50 for two bars
purchase in store at Brisbane Campos Coffee stores or online via google ­čÖé

4. A frother to get frothy about

Here’s a treat for the not-so-purists that need a splash of dairy to make their coffee sing download photoshop elements 2018. I road tested the Nespresso Aeroccino for a couple of months* and used it to heat up everything from milk to tiny little mugs of soup. Here’s a tasty tip: make your hot chocolate and then froth the entire darn thing before adding a shot of coffee for the ultimate mocha youtube filme herunterladen online.

cost: $99
purchase from Nespresso stores and selected small appliance retailers

5. A proper takeaway coffee

Holiday coffee never looked so good ubuntu ordner herunterladen. Put the instant away friends, the Traveller Pack from Single Origin Roasters is here to save your beans. With an Aeropress (and assorted associated paraphernalia), a hand grinder (for that fresh taste) and roasted beans, your giftee will never be without their favourite brew.

cost: $110
purchase from Single Origin Roasters online or in store

6. treats with zing

All that liquid can get a person needing the *ahem* facilities a bit more often that is appropriate so lets keep our coffee in the solid state for this next gift, shall we? Dark roasted coffee beans coated in dark chocolate. A match made in crunchy, bittersweet heaven. My pick? The tin from Haigh’s with a see through window so you know when your supply is running low.

cost: $15.75 for 150g tin
purchase from Haigh’s online or in store.

7. something to sip from

Last but not least, a vessel for all that coffee we’re making. I love my double walled glasses for keeping things hot (or cool) and insulating your hands from the heat of the contents inside. When you’re not drinking a shot of black heaven from your Bodum Pavina Double Walled Glasses, try filling them with an espresso granita – the double walls will stop it from melting as quickly, leaving you more time to enjoy.

cost: $21.95 + shipping
purchase from kitchenware direct online (and other solid brick stores)


* I had a Nespresso on loan from said company for a couple of months and it came with the frother (that I used a decent amount more than the machine itself)