mad scientist foodie gift guide

December 19, 2014


It’s less than a week until Christmas (eep!) and I’ve almost finished my shopping hintergrundbilder kostenlos herunterladen. (Almost).

For those of you needing just a little bit more inspiration, here’s my final gift guide for this year – a bevvy of treats for the mad scientist foodie in your life herunterladen. You know the one. Concoctions bubbling in and around the kitchen, an assortment of ingredients in the pantry (most of which you haven’t heard of) and a penchant for the peculiar hintergrundbilder gratisen.

1. Yoghurt Babies

Sure you can make your own yoghurt at home using a tub of the natural stuff from the shops, but why not branch out and get some starter that’s got a particular flavour (and enough for a good few batches of the good bacteria) download mp3 player? I’ve seen great reviews for the Villi Yoghurt Starter, which comes with its very own certificate of adoption. Cute!

cost: $23.95 (plus shipping)
buy it from: The Natural Therapy Shop Online

2 car purchase contract free of charge. A home fermentation starter kit

There’s the imminent threat of explosion, the smell of the gases seeping out of jars and that fantastic-for-your-gut product at the end herunterladen. Ahh! The magic of fermentation. It can be a bit (a lot) daunting to get started though, so Ozfarmer has put together the Ozi Fermenting Kit complete with everything you need to know and use to guide you through your first few ferments download dwg files.

cost: $49.95
buy it from: Ozfarmer Online

3 google maps zuid afrika downloaden. A bundle of homebrew

Wanting to step it up, quantity wise? You can make up to 50L of beer at the Beer Factory. I bought this as a gift for Koji on his 30th and it’s a fantastic experience for even the slightest of beer lovers telekom apn herunterladen. You pick your brew, measure out and mix all of the ingredients and then return to bottle your beer (and stick on any custom labels you might want). Make sure you’ve got enough people to help you finish it though as the beer is preservative free and needs to stay chilled after bottling Download amazon video.

cost: from $158
buy it from: The Beer Factory

4. Bringing home the bacon

For lovers of all things porcine, a home bacon making kit would be a perfect pressie. Buy your own pork belly and cure it with the ingredients and instructions in the Baconsmith Bacon making kit.

cost: $30
buy it from: Baconsmith

5. The Bubble Bible

aka The Art of Fermentation by Sandor Ellix Katz. When my best mate bought a copy of the book for himself when it was released, I waited a whole two weeks before borrowing it for a month or two and immersing myself in everything fermentation – from the types to the bacteria to the flavours you can produce. It’s the ultimate guide to anyone brave enough to go it solo.

cost: $40.41
buy it from: The Book Depository (and other bookstores)

6. Cheesy Chrissy Greetings

Turning dairy products into cheese can be as easy as a bit of heat, a pinch of an agent and a lot of stirring. But if you get it wrong, there’s a lots of burnt milk to deal with. Bring the joy of cheese this year with Mad Millie’s Fromage Homemade Cheese Kit – it includes salts, coagulation agents, a thermometer, cheesecloth and a straining basket.

cost: $49 (plus any milk you use)
buy it from Victoria’s Basement

Mad Millie Fromage Homemade Cheese Kit $49 from Victoria’s Basement

7. Water Kefir Kit


I’ll admit, I know nothing about kefirs (apart from what I read in the Katz book), but they’re something I’ve always wanted to try growing and consuming the by-products of. The best looking kit I’e found so far is this Water Kefir Kit from The Natural Therapy Shop – the reviews are fantastic!

cost: $38.95 plus shipping
buy it from The Natural Therapy Shop