newlyweds gift guide

December 8, 2014


We didn’t need a huge number of things when setting up our brand new home (five years of food blogging will have you with almost everything you need to keep a kitchen running), but found space for a few things that were either unexpectedly helpful or a bit more luxe than the versions we carted in with us.

1. Stick Blender Combo

My mum has been using this Braun Stick Blender combo kit for years – it’s a real multi-use appliance download mp3 search music. The food processor bowl is big enough to blitz everything necessary for a meal for two and the chopping blade really helps when you’re making salads and coleslaws. My personal favourite attachment is the steel one attached in the picture. Scoop half your veges out of a pot of soup, blitz the rest and add the vegetables back in for a chunky/smooth meal that will suit everyone amazon mp3 einkäufe herunterladen.

cost: from $154
buy it from: Appliances Online

2. A “Guest Friendly” Tea Set

I have plenty of tea sets – more than you can poke a stick at! But when guests come by, it’s nice to welcome them into your new home with something that isn’t a ratty, brown stained pyrex jug and a makeshift sieve-cum-strainer skifahren spiele kostenlos downloaden. Plus, having a proper tea set makes a couple feel just a little bit grown up, even if the Blissin the Woods Tea Set itself screams child play.

cost: $49 (on sale)
buy it from: Victoria’s Basement

3. An infusable water jug

We’ve got one plastic jug that we serve all of our cold drinks from, but I’ve been definitely keeping an eye out for something a little more streamlined wordpress site. A lid would help too! The Jug from T2 is a colourful option that’s designed to be a tea infuser jug, but I like the idea of popping a couple of lemon quarters and a bunch of mint or cucumber in the infuser section for cool summer sips.

cost: $38
buy it from: T2 Tea

4 download google photos app. A Power Blender

If budget isn’t an issue and your newlywed friends are prone to a bit of kitchen hardware, then I can’t go past the Froothie Optimum 9400. I bought it for myself as a housewarming gift (because hey, my new kitchen deserved a bit of bling!) and use it multiple times a day. Easy to clean, super powerful and with a 10 year (optional) warranty, you can blend to your heart’s content Download android e mail completely.

cost: $471 (on sale, usually $891)
buy it from: Froothie Online Only

5. Some proper glassware

There’s nothing quite like hosting your first dinner party, only to realise everyone has to drink out of mugs because (oops!) there aren’t any glasses in the house windows explorer 9 for free german. If you’re going to get wine glasses, they might as well be good ones. I have a set of Plumm white wine glasses that come out for special occasions and have been eyeing some stemless ones, namely this Plumm Redb+ Whiteb+ & Spring Decanter Set to join the party. Oh! And a decanter too! (Koji would like to note that we have enough wine glasses thank you very much, and he’s probably right.)

cost: $129 (original price $230)
buy it from: Peters Of Kensington 

6 music free download convert. The Thermal Cooker

It’s the piece of kitchen equipment I never thought I needed. I received a Billy Boil Thermal Cooker* from Billy Boil to try out and, after a bit of head scratching, it now has pride of place at the very front of my appliances cupboard. For those unfamiliar, you just heat the internal pot on the stove until the contents are boiling, then pop it into its outer casing and leave it to cook for up to 8 hours – a slow cooker without any electricity historical audiobooks for free! And without any heat escaping to heat up your surroundings! (Plus, it’s light and portable, so I’ve used it to transport hot food to picnics). I make all of my stocks and soups in it, especially now that it’s Summer and a pot boiling on the stove is the last thing I want in my tiny non-air-conditioned apartment access 2003 download for free.

cost: $89.95
buy it from: Negergy Online Store

*a Billy Boil Thermal Cooker was supplied to onebitemore a few months ago for editorial purposes. There’s no way I would have included it in my guide if I hadn’t loved it and no, this is #notasponsoredpost 🙂

  • #1
    December 8th, 2014

    cool. kinda love the thermal cooker – it does somethings aokay. good for saving energy. No.3 is cool too.

  • #2
    March 13th, 2015

    Nice list! I’ve been looking for a good power blender. Does it blend seeds, nuts, & fibrous vegies well?

  • March 27th, 2015

    Hi Jess! It pulverises everything – I’ve done almond and nut milks with it, as well as ground seeds and grains into flours 🙂