Articles Of Agreement Apush

September 12, 2021

According to its treaty articles, the New England Confederacy should be “a permanent and eternal league of friendship and amytie,” and its government should consist of a leadership of eight commissioners, two from each colony. Commissioners were expected to meet more often each year or if necessary. The articles authorized the commissioners to set quotas for men and expenses during the war, to settle disputes with foreign powers or other colonies, to ensure the extradition of fugitive servants, prisoners, and other refugees, and to settle Indian affairs. Six votes in favour were needed to approve the Confederation`s decisions; Otherwise, the outstanding issue would be referred to the legislators of the member colonies. Shays` rebellion sparked Washington`s concern that A) the country needed a new constitution that strengthened the central government. B) The Articles of Confederation have given too much power to the governments of the Länder. C) The adoption of a new Constitution would provoke rebellion in the States throughout the Union. D) Wealthy national leaders have not been in contact with the needs of the people. “Should we let the good substance that we spent eight years in animal husbandry pass over our heads?” ». I think there is a great risk that this will be the case; Unless the faltering system is supported by weapons, and even then, a government that has no basis other than the bayonet tip should be suspended, so different from that established by individual states, at least in the belief that if we are to resort to the sad experience of weapons, It`s hard to say that we supported “the right fabric.” In this view, it can be “pulled over our heads.” This will likely be the case, as there doesn`t seem to be enough virtue among people to get a perfect Republican government. Letter from Benjamin Lincoln, the general who resigned from the Shays Rebellion, to George Washington (source) The correct answer is (A). Washington and other national leaders were very concerned that shays` rebellion revealed a weakness in the articles of Confederation, namely that they weakened the Union by limiting the role of the central government. As Lincoln`s quote in his letter says, Washington feared that the work of the revolution would be wiped out by the troubles in Massachusetts.

Lincoln seems to confirm his fears by stating that the people seem motivated by the maintenance of a republic. Shortly after Shays` rebellion, leaders met in Congress in Philadelphia and debated a new constitution that established a strong central government that would have supremacy over the states. The Articles of Confederation reflected a kind of overreaction to the perceived tyranny of putting too much power in the hands of the British government. Thus, the pendulum has set itself in the position of placing states above the national government. Last but not least, the Articles of Confederation kept the country united, albebently, until the American people realized that a more powerful central government was needed to promote peace and prosperity. The U.S. Constitution attempted to strike a balance between those who feared tyranny (too much power in the hands of the national government) and those who feared anarchy (too little power in the hands of the national government). While the debate about the right position of the pendulum is still raging in a federal system that shares power between the federal government and the governments of the Länder, it is now oscillating in a much narrower range of possibilities. The Shays rebellion was a series of protests and subversive acts, including an attempt to occupy a federal arsenal and overthrow the government. The rebellion is named after its de facto leader Daniel Shays, a former captain in the Continental Army.