Author Agreement Wear Journal

September 12, 2021

[Creative Commons section if applicable] [Journal Name] is published under a license [Creative Commons license name] to allow certain types of unauthorized reuse. By launching this Agreement, the author agrees to apply a license [name of Creative Commons license] to the repository upon publication. (b) the development and application of new wear test methods and standards. This includes justifying their development (including, where appropriate, criticizing existing testing methods). Highlights Highlights are mandatory for this review, as they help increase the search capacity of your article on search engines. They consist of a brief collection of enumeration points that identify new results of your research as well as new methods used during the study (if any). The Share link can be used to share the article through any communication channel, including email and social media. Paper prints can be ordered for an additional fee via the offprint order form which will be sent once the article is accepted for publication. Corresponding authors and co-authors may order offprints on Elsevier`s author services at any time. Corresponding authors who have published their Gold Open Access paper will not receive a share link, as their final version of the open access is available on ScienceDirect and can be shared via the DOI Link article. The OSU Library Publishing Program was created as an extension of the Knowledge Bank, our deposit program, and the two continue to share a lot of things. .