Cps Union Agreement

September 16, 2021

The strike began on 17 October, after months of failed negotiations between the town hall and two unions. * Note: The above pay table includes salary increases for Veterans that were definitively agreed and distributed on July 24, 2020. You can always download the initial pay table that was established for the preliminary agreement vote, for example if you want to use it to calculate your veteran cheque. For the current year, that`s $33 million more than CPS had planned when the education committee approved the budget in August, while negotiations were underway with the union. That figure represents $15 million more for salaries and benefits, with 3% of the cost of living being half a point higher than the increases initially budgeted. “A nurse in every school every day was a simple demand for our unions and school communities to be behind, but it took a real collective effort and an 11-day strike to make progress toward this reality,” Kosuth wrote. “We should all be proud of this work, because our students will benefit from it.” Pope`s daughter attended Whitney Young Magnet High School while she was teaching at Gage Park, and the inequality of resources in both schools motivated her to become more involved. She said the preliminary agreement represents significant resources that her students deserved but do not receive. . . .