Microsoft Ovs-Es Agreement For Schools

September 28, 2021

The minimum number of FTEs for licensing under the OVS-ES agreement is 5. This is great news for smaller educational institutions, such as infant and primary schools, where it might have been difficult to obtain a “location license” as part of the school agreement beforehand. Enrolling in Education Solutions is a simple, low-cost offering that provides qualified university customers with a simplified opportunity to purchase Microsoft software and services under a single subscription agreement. It offers benefits such as secure coverage for desktop platform products with an annual number of employees, the ability to add additional products in simple quantities, self-service tools for simplified asset management, and instant access to benefits such as product upgrades by Microsoft Software Assurance, so you can increase the productivity of your faculty and staff and maximize the return on your technology investments. EES offers participating institutions the benefits of: Note: The agreement is a 3-year agreement and is calculated annually. Renewals for the 2nd and 3rd years are automatically processed, unless they are communicated 60 days before the renewal expires. Software license The software license is at the heart of our business and we fully appreciate the minefield that it can be. Our highly trained software consultants and product specialists strive to provide you with security advice and qualified advice in the acquisition and day-to-day management of your software. Many of our consultants have been working in the software industry and at Phoenix for over 10 years and are therefore perfectly equipped to assist you with complex licensing issues. Our committed training licensing experts have over 50 years of Microsoft licensing experience, so you can be sure to get the best licensing guide available to the academic industry when it comes to Microsoft agreements. For subscription licensing programs, you have the right to run a selection of products and upgrades or downgrades of those products for a particular term.

A sub-quantity of products, including some user licensing, system licensing, and customer access license (CAL) products that Microsoft calls “desktop platform products,” are licensed enterprise-wide. For these “desktop platform products”, you place an order once a year for an amount equal to the number of RTD employees in your organization. In this way, even if there is an increase in the number of devices or users, you remain fully licensed for the specified lifetime and you will only have to report an increase in the number of RTD employees during your annual order. Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) offers subscription licenses for primary/secondary and university schools of all sizes. EES offers the simplicity of enterprise-wide licensing for desktop platform products through an annual number of people instead of PCs/devices and the ability to add additional products in any quantity. The “Enrollment for Education Solutions” offer is explained in detail in this manual….