Tryout Agreement

October 13, 2021

Q. I have already filed a tryout application with the bandits with a higher trial fee? One. We will apply this fee to the 2020-2021 contract. There is no need to submit another tryout form. In addition, in accordance with the usual rules of the club and in order for our employees to make reliable player selections, all players must complete a standard letter of commitment before qualifying for a player agreement. Players already registered for tryouts will receive an email today with a link to complete the commitment letter via DocuSign. For players who have not yet signed up for Tryouts, this DocuSign link has been added to the SportsEngine Tryout registration process. Completed forms are saved through DocuSign, so you don`t need to send emails with updates to our staff. (Please contact Ryan Yoon [email protected] if you have any issues with this requirement).

Please note that this Player Agreement process does not replace the trial process for 2020-21. . .