tropical knock-you-out trifle
This trifle earns its moniker two fold, once from the mango and passionfruit that adorn each and every layer, and the second from the copious amounts of alcohol that do similarly. I made them up for Christmas feasts at both mine and Koji's and wouldn't be exaggerating if I said there were skirmishes over the last of it. There are four components to the trifle, layered until you run out of room in your bowl. The recipe makes two fairly large ones, so aforementioned skirmishes might be deterred. To assemble, I recommend layering in the following order (though you could do whatever you think best!): Jelly / Mango / Savioradi / Zabaglione / Savioradi / Mango / Jelly / Zabaglione champagne & passionfruit jelly
  • three large mangoes
  • three shots of whiskey (pick a sweet, not too smokey variety)
How to make it
  1. Cut the mango off the seed and remove the peel. Chop it into chunks no larger than 1cm x 1 cm.
  2. Tip the whiskey over the top and leave to macerate while you go about preparing the other elements.
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