lemongrass & kaffir lime froyo
  • 1kg Greek Yoghurt
  • 3 stalks lemongrass
  • 6 kaffir lime leaves
  • ½ vanilla bean
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 250ml water (1 cup)
How to make it
  1. You will need to start this recipe the day before. Place two wet Chux wipes or four layers of cheesecloth into a sieve or colander large enough to hold all of the yoghurt. Place this on top of a bowl so that there is at least 5cm clearance between the bottom of the sieve and the bottom of the bowl. I had to prop my colander up on an upturned cup to get enough clearance.
  2. Spoon all of the yoghurt into the lined colander and leave for at least an hour or (for really creamy froyo) overnight.
  3. Meanwhile, crush the lemongrass by giving it a good bash about with a mallet or the end of a knife before putting it in a saucepan. Add the kaffir lime leaves, vanilla bean, sugar and 250ml water. Heat, stirring until all of the sugar has dissolved then transfer the entire mixture to a jar. Put a lid on the jar and leave to steep overnight.
  4. The next day, drain the liquid from the bowl under the yoghurt. This liquid is called whey and is really good for smoothies, baking and fermenting, so keep it if you're feeling sprightly!
  5. Combine the yoghurt with between ½ cup of the kaffir lime and lemongrass syrup, stirring well so that it becomes smooth and creamy.
  6. Freeze the mixture in an ice cream maker, or if you don't have one, pop it in a wide and shallow dish in the freezer and whip the semi-frozen mixture every two hours in a blender or food processor. You will need to repeat this process three times for a creamy, smooth frozen yoghurt. (It's best eaten just after a whipping or straight out of the ice-cream maker as it will freeze almost solid!)
Recipe by onebitemore at https://onebitemore.com/2013/11/lemongrass-kaffir-lime-froyo/